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Attn: Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Spiritual Seekers

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A Sacred (and Proven) Manifesting Method That Will Make Your Vision Board Finally Come to Life.

Join Thousands of Spiritual Seekers And Conscious Entrepreneurs Who Have Manifested More Love, Joy, Purpose, Abundance and Freedom.

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What would that mean for your life, business and abundance...

If you had a simplier way to manifest your reality...

If you stumbled upon a secret code that had the power to consistently create flow, results and manifesting magic?

It might mean...

FREEDOM from worry and anxiety.

Knowing that the life you desire can truly manfiest.

It might mean that you could finally relax.

And stop chasing the next best tactic, trying

to trick the Universe to do your bidding...

Without having to wonder if you are

doing it right.

And start reveling in the unfolding your dreams

on the wings of synchronicity and magic.

You've might have tried a lot of manifesting techniques with some results in the past, or are even are a passionate seeker of conscious creation.


  • Do you feel like you are chasing negative thoughts, hamster wheel style, and still not creating the flow + magnetic manifesting you desire?
  • Are you confused when it comes to the vast amount of info on "how to manifest" your reality?
  • Do you wish there was an easy way to intentionally ground and bring your emotional and spiritual work to your daily life and business - so you experience more expansion?
  • Do you want a constant flow of synchronicity and mini-miracles that lead to the unfolding of your big dreams, and put an end to the wait?
  • Does it feel like your manifesting practice feels either ON OR OFF?
  • Do you wonder why you keep falling out of alignment, even if you "know" this stuff?

If you are saying, "Ya that's me".....stop the press.

Because it's time to tap into my sacred manifesting system ~ The Manifestation 100.

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How to Manifest

certainly + predictably

This is my mantra...when you shift, life shifts.

Because everything is energy.

And because I've seen a thousand times over that one small shift in your energy, frequency, emotion, belief system... and even one small shift can manfiest floodgates of abundance.

When they say, "Success is an inside job"... this is why.

Because "form follows frequency".

It's law. It's as consistent as gravity, you know?

Everything must exist in frequecy before it exists in form and experience.

So 100% -- when you shift in frquency.... your life shifts in form.

With certainty.

In fact, it can't NOT. (double negative, I know, but you feel me, right?)

Of course, I can't predict what exact results you'll create, or that even that you'll create the same result as myself or my students, because it takes a bit of willngness and comittment on your part. :)

But -- it does work.

Even if you don't (at first) believe.

Your only job is to show up to this magical framework, with a little willingness and a dream that matters.

You can imagine the possibilities:

Unexpected magic.

The floodgates begin to open for prosperity and wealth...

You'll transform unworthiness into divine worth...

Synchronicity will begin to bless your life...

Soulmates, soul clients, and soul family will find you...

Your vision board springs to life.

Alignment" becomes your new norm.

This Was Made For You...

The Manifestation 100

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A 100 day step-by-step sacred system for intentional creation...

and manifesting your dream life!

A magical step-by step journey and guide for intentional manifesting.

100 daily vibe raising lessons, complete with a short video.

(No need to figure it out. Just play along + watch your life unfold with more ease, grace, synchronicity, magic + manifestations)

How to activate synchronicity (I call it "the sister to the law of attraction") and keep that magic flowing in your life.

How to nuture your humanity (ego/mind) so it doesn't run you, and stay grounded in your power and create your life.

Alignment. That elusive state of being, will be experienced and activated. Life gets to be good. It's supposed to. I'll show you how.

The power of 100 days. You'll never look at your "timeline" the same again when you start this practice, and living in alignment with the laws of the universe.

7 sacred keys to manifesting in your life, business +'ll learn them and live them. I'll guide you every day for 100 days.

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Ready to See Exactly What's Inside?

Here's Everything That Will Be Yours:

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The Manifestation 100

Manifest your desires, live your dreams and create your reality. You'll ignite the power of the Law of Attraction, be the powerful creator you were born to be, and stay in alignment without having to constantly figure it out, or wonder if you are "doing it right".

Simply show up, do the daily lesson, and practice the daily routine.

It will take less than 5-10 minutes a day to get this in your bones... the Universe responds to your alignment.

100 Daily Video Lessons

The Manifestation 100 comes with 100 daily video lessons, which are all 3-ish minute that deepen each days work.

I like to call these videos "the ancient reels" which helps you to further anchor theses energetics so you can create a TRUE shift.

You'll find this video at the end of each lesson, in the book.

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7 Sacred Secrets + Manifestation Gateways

You'll get a deep dive training on the 7 Sacred Secrets, which I help you practice and implement on your 100 day journey.

You'll also get my "Gateways" masterclass which is a nother deep dive on the foundations.

These pointed training helps you set the stage and get this work "in your bones". So you can start strong from Day 1.

Daily Manifesting Routine

There are 7 sacred secrets to live by...(AKA the Daily Manifesting Routine) which are based in Universal Law.

You'll come to practice them, embody them and get out of your head and into manifesting your beautiful and abundant life via these ways of living, being and vibing.

If all you did was practice these 7 things, you'd create more change than you've seen in years.

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Plus, These Bonuses:

Bonus 1: Manifestation 100 Printable Journal

The printable Manifestation 100 Journal will help you implement the work, witness your transformation, stay on the path and achieve quicker results!

And because my clients love to do "rounds" of 100 days -- you can print off another set, anytime.

Looking back over your journey is nothing more than awe inspiring as you see how your transformaton unfolded, and how you've morphed.

We all want 5 things (love, joy, purpose, health + freedom) and these simple pages will hold space to manifest your desires.

Think of these pages as the Universal Field herself ...where you easily release what's not working, infuse what's working + create your reality. (Value $44)

(Included as my gift to you.)

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Bonus 2: The Credo

Channeled through me on New Years Eve 2015, this sacred gem is what I call "The Credo".

It holds a life changing magnetic frequency that has the power to create and shift worlds. As you know, your word is your wand -- and this is magic.

And... it's JUST ONE PAGE.

My clients tell me, not only it's's life saving. Because it ignites a remembrance of all that you truly are, all that's possible and activates divine Universal Truths that are asking to be awakenend through this work.

This is what I call a "come from". It's a set of beliefs to activate, a prayer for your potential + in the same breath helps you claim your quantum power.

Bonus 3: Synchronicity Tracker

This is one of my most favorite tools...

I call it "Syncronicity to the Power of Infinity" ~ another ONE page miracle manifestation tool... from my own private stash. ?

Use this one sheet journal for tracking your manifestations, your synchronicities and your, "you can't make this stuff up" kind of moments.

Here's what I wish for you to know...

Synchronicity is a space of grace untouched by the ego... it's the space of grace where the miraculous multiplies and time collapses.

And it's a missing peice in the model of most manifesting teachings.

This tool makes sure you don't miss it, and instead ignites it.

And while, you won't see this with the naked eye, this page is layered with sacred geometry and sets the stage for creating your reality on the quantum field.

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Hey there :) I'm Lori...

I've been a lightworker, coach and mentor for 25 years....

During these 25 years, I have coached thousands of spiritual seekers, conscious entrepreneurs to create the life they want to live, answer the call of of their souls mission and biggest dreams!

As a mom of 4 and a life long entrepreneur - I know it isn't always easy.

But there is a deeply activating and sacred framework that will help you emerge from your limits and become the wealthy thriving soul you were born to be.

And - regardless of life's's possible. I've seen the magic work in my life and the lives of my clients.

After years of study, divine connection + coaching I've created a system which can help you learn the manifesting practices you need, to ignite the frequencies you've been longing for.... to create the life you want.

If it's your desire to powerfully create your reality despite the ebbs and flows of life, having the right spiritual tools, at the right time, no matter what challenges you face....

You are in the right place.

And trust me when I say...

You. Can. Do. This.

The Universe is conspiring in your favor, and we are about to take the stress off and drop into a sacred system that makes the energetics of manifesting come easy.


I am so looking forward to helping you manifest your best life.

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Get The Manifestation 100


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